Sunday, November 6, 2011

Child Abuse is on the Rise.... Let's do something about it!

An Ohio teacher and Penn State coach in the news, child porn sweeps in NC and FL with teachers, military, fire chiefs arrested, a US Department of State Special Agent recently arrested, a Ph.D at the CDC recently arrested… everywhere you look you see headlines related to child abuse, child pornography and child sexual exploitation. This is a public health crisis that is affecting us all, because even if it is not directly impacting you today it is going to impact you in the future. YOU are going teach these children, live next to these children, your children are going to go to school with these children and your tax dollars are going to have to pay to HEAL these children and INCARCERATE these perpetrators! If you do not think prevention is important, you are mistaken! The US needs to refocus it's efforts on PREVENTION! We need to stop the demand and EDUCATE and EMPOWER children and adults!!!! This really needs to stop. Please get involved and do something. 

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