Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Veto Violence – a Great Example of Getting it Right in Child Abuse Prevention!

The Monique Burr Foundation for Children, Inc. has a simple mission:
To make a positive impact on the community at large, to create change in a family’s life for the better, and to give hope in the life of a child by providing safety and child abuse prevention education that is relevant to issues facing children today, including all forms of abuse, neglect, bullying and internet safety. While it may seem a simple mission, its implementation is quite complex and takes the efforts of not only our Foundation team but also parents, schools, and community partners to make it happen.
Working together in the field of child abuse prevention is a necessary and worthwhile effort if the goal is to truly reduce or stop abuse; however in the past there was little “togetherness” in effort or energy.  That tide is turning though.  Conferences are bringing together professionals to share their successes, agencies are collaborating to share resources, and organizations are developing programs and strategies to help professionals in the field do more with less and impact children in a way like never before.
One of those organizations is the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with their injury and violence prevention programs.  The CDC recognizes violence, including child maltreatment, as a serious public health concern and has stepped up with research and programs designed to study the problem, look for solutions and educate the public on prevention.  The newest tool in their arsenal is the VETO violence project (Violence Education Tools Online).  You can find their website at: http://www.vetoviolence.org/ and their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/VetoViolence.
You can take an online course titled: Principles of Prevention (and even earn CEU’s), learn prevention basics, and more!  Truly a fabulous resource for parents and professionals alike.  Hope you check it out!

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