Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making SAFE summer decision for your kids! (Safe, Abuse Free, Educated)

Trying to figure out what to do with those last few weeks of summer?  I won’t ask who is going crazy, whether it’s you or the kiddos – or maybe both! J  But if you are looking for some last minute camps, activities or agencies that are offering refuge, I’m asking you to please make sure you are thinking with safety in mind first.  Our good friends at Darkness to Light (D2L) in Charleston put out tips on how to choose youth-serving organizations wisely. 

They include:

1.      Be proactive and ask questions, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
2.      Ask how employees are screened and make sure it is sufficient, don’t accept excuses!
3.      Ask if there is a policy limiting one adult – one child interactions? Most sexual abuse occurs in one adult – one child situations, so if there isn't a policy in place, question this gap.
4.      Ask if staff and volunteers (including older youth) are trained in prevention and mandatory reporting. If not, insist that they begin training right away!

Don’t be afraid to be an advocate for children.  Speak Up Be Safe™, the new safety and child abuse prevention curriculum from the Monique Burr Foundation for Children, Inc., educates children to Speak Up and Be Safe by giving them tools to be aware of dangerous situations and asks children to follow 5 Safety Rules that help the adults in their lives keep them safe.  What a great foundation for a safety net!  These tips from D2L offer parents even more suggestions to help keep kids safe when choosing organizations for summer activities (and into the school year as well) and we hope they help you make wiser, safer decisions – expanding that safety net even further!

You can find the full list of tips on the Darkness to Light website here:

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